The Experience

My commitment to you as a client lasts much longer than your session. From the moment you book we are in constant communication regarding styling, consultations, location, and just getting to know each other! I dedicate so much time and love into all of my people that by the end of the actual session, we are friends! And all of my repeat clients can attest ;)

My Style

I am not a "smile and look at the camera" photographer. While it may seem like my job as a photographer is to capture a moment in a digital format, my real goal is to allow you to cultivate memories by participating in games, conversation, and thoughtful moments during the session while I stand back and snag a still of you in the frame. I want to capture soulful connections and authentic moments between you and your partner or you and your babies. I am a mother myself and understand the beautiful balance that exists between chaos and patience. I want to help you celebrate your relationship or your family in a way that extends past the images that I deliver. My method of unposed or "candid" portraits are achieved in a natural light setting in a variety of outdoor and indoor locations.

Sunset and Studio Sessions

So much goes into the planning of these beautiful sessions. From the minute you book to the day of your session, we will be in touch to personalize the process so that you and family feel comfortable and confident. You will have access to an extensive Client Closet as well as a complementary try-on session. Sunset sessions are outdoors at a location of your choosing right at golden hour (approx 60 minutes before sunset). I know that summertime can mean a later start time, but I cannot stress enough how gorgeous that beautiful golden light is and how important it is to achieve my style. Adjust naps, brings snacks, and bribe! Studio and in-home sessions are typically held anywhere from 10am-1pm depending on the time of year as this is when the light can flood the interior beautifully.

Client Closet & Styling

So why is styling soooo important? It's possible that you've never even considered the concept of "styling" for a photoshoot. To be honest, before I learned how significant it is, neither did I. But since then, I have realized what a difference it makes in creating beautiful storytelling images and delivering art. Use this whole experience as an excuse to play dress up and pamper yourself. I have also invested in an extensive Client Closet that sticks to my color palette in women's sizes XS-XXL and children's sizes from NB-12 years old. In your Client Prep email, I will send you a Style Guide that includes exactly how to achieve the look we want as well as links to my favorite online shops if you'd like to purchase yourself! I can also create a style board for you so that you can see how everything will coordinate!


Pricing for ALL sessions can be viewed by clicking the link below


What should I wear?

Probably my most asked question so you are not alone! I have specific brand colors that I will suggest using for your wardrobe so that your photos will most closely resemble what you see in my work. I have a client closet that you can borrow from and I will send you a style guide upon booking to help you visually coordinate your outfits. We will work together so that you feel confident and beautiful!

What if it rains?

I always keep my eyes on the weather for all outdoor shoots up to 24 hours ahead of time. If the weather truly is not cooperating I will make every effort to reschedule your session. Have faith either way, clouds are a great prop ;)

I just booked! What happens next?

After contract is signed, and deposit submitted, you are officially in the books! Yay! Next, I will be sending you a "What To Expect" document for our session, a questionnaire so I can start to get to know you better, and a style guide including access to my client closet, styling service, and outfit advice. Oh! And you will also get a quick text from me to open up an easier line of communication so that we can keep in touch throughout the whole process leading up to your session. This is just as important to me as the hour we physically spend together on location.

Do you sell prints and other products?

I do! When your gallery is delivered, you have the option to select the "Print Store" dropdown and select whatever it is you are looking for. Orders are processed through top of the line photo printing services to provide superior quality and resolution. All you need to do is add the item to your cart directly from your gallery and checkout directly through the site!

What is your "travel fee"?

I LOVE to travel and explore! Whether you have a location in mind or you would like to try somewhere brand new, count me IN. To compensate for fuel, mileage, and travel time, a $50 travel fee will be applied for every 30 miles past New Hampton, NY.
I appreciate your understanding when it comes to this fee!

When should I book?

As soon as possible! I book up quickly and Fall and Summer are my busiest seasons.

Why are your summer time slots so late?

If you've never heard someone use the term "golden hour", it refers to that glowy time right before the sun begins to dip and everything turns, well, golden! Not only is this type of light GORGEOUS for photos, but it also allows us to get some beautiful sunset skies as the session progresses. Shooting at this time will make your photos absolutely beautiful and will mimic the results that you see in my work.

This question always tends to have a follow up- "but my kids' bedtimes are too early" or "the kids will be so cranky at that time". As a mom myself, I totally get that mentality- trust me. BUT how often do you get to take photos like this? Remind yourself that just this once, it is worth it. I recommend adjusting nap & eating schedules for the day and bringing bribes- YES THEY WORK!

“My job is not to just take a pretty picture. I want it to be beautiful, but my priority is that it feels engaged and feels like an experience”